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End of Medicare Rebates for Telehealth

From 20 July 2020, Medicare rebates will no longer be available for online telehealth doctors.

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Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

In light of it being Bowel Cancer awareness month (otherwise known as colorectal cancer), it seemed fitting to shed some light on the topic given that it is the second deadliest cancer in Australia for males and females collectively. 1 ...

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Health Engine: How it Works & How to Find Us

  Already signed up with Health Engine? If you are a regular user of Health Engine to find and book your medical appointments, you can now access your next Doctors on Demand online consultation on the Health Engine Mobile App.   What is Health Engine?  Health Engine is a healthcare portal ...

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Infertility Awareness Week  

Whilst COVID-19 has made us more health conscious, we want to ensure we are healthy in all aspects. From April 19th-26th Doctors on Demand will be participating in National Infertility week, supporting and providing information for those affected by the disorder.  Infertility affects 1 in 3 females who are over the age ...

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STD, STI, UTI in Women: What are They and What Should You Know? 

Due to the increasing spread of COVID-19, the Easter break this year may be longer than anticipated. With the extra time off we want to brush up on our sexual health knowledge to ensure a healthy and relaxing break. While it is especially important to practice personal hygiene right now, other health ...

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Infections in Schools 

This time of year, commonly known as ‘flu season’ is already a risky time for children to be at school due to the immense number of germs and infections spread, so we recommend that the following precautions are taken.  Common Illnesses in Children  Children tend to be more susceptible to ...

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