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Virtual healthcare for business – instant 24/7 access to doctors for your team, from any smartphone or computer. Simple, easy and effective.

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Our mission is clear: to provide the best patient experience through quality virtual healthcare.

The Doctors on Demand platform gives patients direct access to a qualified practitioner, whenever they need them, wherever they are. This initiative is more than a healthcare solution; it’s a strategic investment designed to streamline medical care, reduce operational inefficiencies, and foster a healthier workforce.

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Patients across Australia have trusted us since 2016


Doctors representing a variety of specialities and backgrounds


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“Given the industry that Rio Tinto works in, physical safety and health have always been of high priority for staff.”

Enabling a healthier hybrid workplace via telehealth with Rio Tinto & Doctors on Demand

Helping employers to manage absenteeism, presenteeism and retention

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Industry Leadership

Pioneering Telehealth Excellence Nationwide

At Doctors on Demand, we are incredibly proud of the impact our innovative telehealth platform has made in improving access to quality healthcare for people across the country. Our mission to provide convenient, affordable, and reliable medical care through virtual consultations has been widely recognised by leading organisations and publications.

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Online Doctors

Employees don’t need to lose hours out of the day to visit a doctor. Virtual health makes it easy to speak to a doctor, fast. Our doctors are available 24/7 on-demand, so employees can access their advice right when they need to.

Medical Certificates

Medical certificates will be sent to the patient’s email, and made available in their patient dashboard. There is also a built-in feature that enables them to send their certificate straight to their employer.


Access prescriptions the same day, to get back to work sooner. For repeat prescriptions, we off shorter appointments at a lesser cost through our QuickScript service.


Patients can easily request a referral for specialists or allied health from anywhere. They can also view, download, and send their referral directly to their chosen specialist through their patient dashboard.


Without needing to wait for office hours, quicker referral to pathology means patients can get tested sooner, leading to earlier diagnosis. Employees gain valuable insights into their health, empowering them to make informed decisions about their lifestyle and healthcare.

Weight Management

A healthy weight has a large impact on overall wellbeing, and it also helps to prevent common co-morbidities as well as reduce related hospital admissions, or surgeries. Weight management under the supervision of a doctor will provide clinical guidance as well as lifestyle support.

Mental Health

It’s the law that a person conducting a business or undertaking must minimise or eliminate psychosocial risks in the workplace. Continue beyond the EAP by allowing your employees access to Mental Health trained doctors, who can consult with them on a Mental Health Treatment Plan. 

Quit Smoking

If smoking occurs in an enclosed workplace, it is in contravention of the Tobacco Products Regulation Act 1997. With 17% of Australians over the age of 14 either vaping or smoking, support in quitting smoking is critical.

National reach, local impact


Mining, Oil, & Gas

Our current clients in these critical industries trust us to provide care to a diverse range of employees across the country, as well as their families. Family unit care is fast becoming a differentiator for employers of choice. Moreover, being a listed organisation that adheres to strict Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) principles we can demonstrate a shared commitment to operational excellence and trustworthiness.


Our platform ensures that regardless of location or schedule, FIFO employees can access doctors right when they need to. This flexibility is crucial in the FIFO context, where work often disrupts traditional healthcare access, and where employees are often operating in a high-stakes environment.


We understand the importance of timely medical care to prevent minor health issues from escalating into serious conditions. We are trusted by the largest insurers in Australia to provide personalised, clinically safe, and private healthcare to both domestic and international cohorts.

Education & Early Learning

When it comes to duty of care in an educational setting, think of telehealth as an extension of the existing onsite services. For boarding and school institutions, a staff nurse is common while a doctor will often attend on rotation. We can help to ensure students speak to a doctor without delay for acute care in between visits from their usual practitioner.

Remote Workers

Telehealth is especially important in sectors where operations can take place remotely – either online, or via satellite offices. Despite not being together in the same space, employees will stay connected and engaged to their employer via benefits. Doctors on Demand compliements existing initiatives you may have like EAP services.


When physical clinics are closed after hours, or when staffing is lower during the night, networks can access the Doctors on Demand platform to provide staffing supplementation to their operations. This is especially important in rural and remote areas that are experiencing local GP clinic closures, where ongoing and reliable access to primary and acute care is essential. It’s our goal to provide cost-effective supports to local care teams, ensuring continuity of care to their patients.

How it works

Product Features

White Labelled Website & Booking Platform

We can tailor a white labelled web experience, through to a customised and co-branded booking flow. This can allow for inclusion of different service types – from standard appointments, through to mental health – as well as variable pricing. Lower barriers to adoption by providing a cohesive experience that reflects the values and identity of your business, hand-in-hand with the Doctors on Demand health services.

Direct Integration & User Validation

Our in-house development team can build a direct integration with your intranet or other staff systems, or internet sites. User validation helps streamline access to services as well as ensure that only legitimate users can access benefits, as well as provides a tailored and consistent product experience for your users. You’ll reap the most benefits for your users if the services are easy and convenient to access, and efficient to set up and redeem.

Direct to Employer Features

We’ve built in additional features to make communications between a patient and their employer more efficient, clear, and secure. Where documents are provided by the doctor, like medical certificates or referrals, they’re uploaded directly to the patient’s personal dashboard with the option to send them on directly to their employer with the click of a button.

Choice of Language

There are 31 doctor languages available on the platform, reflecting the diverse backgrounds of our patients and employees.

Choice of Gender

With a choice of practitioner gender, patients can find the right doctor for them.

Real-time Private Consults

Hassle-free video integration, no software downloads needed. Speak to a doctor on-demand or by appointment.

Around-the-Clock Care

Consultations with Australian-registered doctors conducted seamlessly via a smart device, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Safeguarding your data

Secure & compliant platform

As part of a listed organisation (ASX:VIT), you can be assured that we treat Governance, Risk & Compliance the way you would. As an endorsement, we are trusted by the largest insurers in Australia to provide personalised, clinically safe, and private healthcare. Our Clinical Advisory Group provide support and best practice advice, alongside our Chief Medical Officer. Our platform is optimised for Microsoft Azure and we undertake regular security compliance and conformance testing.

Partner with us

We work with corporate partners and employers, just like you.

Our valuable partnerships extend across a range of industries, for large and small organisations, and we’re experienced at integrating our technology in to your employee experience or customer journey.

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A scalable solution for your healthcare needs.

Cost-Effective Soltuions

Doctors on Demand is more than a healthcare solution; it’s a strategic investment.

Faster triage, reduced time away from work & faster return to work – reducing WH&S costs, and strengthening the employee value proposition at the same time.

500,000+ patients across Australia have trusted us since 2016

25+ languages available

150+ doctors representing a variety of specialties and backgrounds

4.8/5 Average doctor experience rating across all our consults.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know

Why would I choose Doctors on Demand over other health solutions, like an EAP for instance?

We are not an EAP; we are a comprehensive healthcare solution for virtual acute and primary care.

Our service is scalable, easy to use, provides quick access to care, and offers utilisation and progress data. We also offer a variety of care options and languages to meet everyone’s needs.

While we can act as an extension of other health services that your organisation employs, such as an EAP, the nature of our service allows us to function on a greater scale to safeguard the physical and mental well-being of your employees and their families.

Can you tailor the service?

Yes. Employers can choose any or all consult verticals for their employees. This would require a white-label booking process. We can discuss this further based on your requirements and budget. Additionally, we can tailor pricing arrangements, the look and feel of the booking process, and employee communications. Reporting can also be customised to fit your executive reporting cycles and specifications.

Who pays – us or the employee?

This is completely up to you. There are a number of out-of-the-box payment options available, including provider pays, patient pays, or mixed billing. We can tailor pricing and billing to meet your needs.

Is there a trial period?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer a trial period of free use. However, we can review your services at regular intervals—3 months, 6 months, and so on—to ensure that the service is meeting your needs.

Rapid Implementation, Long-Term Benefits

Industry leading technology, customised to your business.

We can tailor our services to meet your unique needs, and we are ready to implement services swiftly – ensuring you can quickly reap the benefits.