Request preventative or regular pathology testing for a range of health conditions or simply a general check-up, including full blood count, cholesterol profile, fertility, STIs, COVID-19 and more.

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Request blood testing online

Pathology for diagnosis, screening or monitoring

Pathology tests can help your doctor understand, diagnose, and treat a health issue you are experiencing. Regular testing is also useful for monitoring chronic conditions to ensure effective management, or to confirm that medications are working effectively. Pathology tests are also used for health screening, helping to detect diseases early and allowing for timely intervention. Schedule a video consult with a doctor to discuss suitable checks.

Pathology for understanding your health

You can request blood testing for a wide range of reasons

You can request blood tests for various reasons, including assessing your overall health at different stages of your life. Tests can help to identify things like deficiencies in essential vitamins and minerals, hormonal imbalances that might be impacting thyroid function and reproductive health, as well as the detection of allergies. Talk to your Doctor about any specific tests or and assessments that are appropriate for your age, gender, and individual health needs.


How much do appointments cost?

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Why choose Doctors on Demand for online pathology requests?

Healthcare anytime, anywhere

Speak with an online doctor no matter where you are, or what the time is. We provide accessible, convenient and effective healthcare Australia-wide. From preventative care to chronic conditions, medical certificates to referrals, practitioners are available 24/7 for your primary care needs.

Safety & quality is our priority

All our doctors are registered in Australia by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) for a minimum of 3 years. Safety is their priority – and ours. 

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Consult with a practitioner on demand by joining the queue for the next available doctor, or schedule an appointment at a time that suits you. Easily access and manage your appointments & documents via your own personalised patient dashboard.

Highly rated by 600,000+ patients

We maintain a 4.8/5 star average doctor experience rating across all our consults, catering to over 600,000 patients of all ages & genders, living in all States & Territories across Australia.

How it works

A simple 5-step process


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Sign up or login

Enter or confirm you personal details so we know who you are and our doctor knows your current medical history.


Speak with your online doctor

Join the video call using your smart device and discuss your pathology request with a doctor.


Access your pathology referral online

If your doctor refers you for pathology, the referral will be uploaded to your patient dashboard.


Come back to discuss results

Once your test results are back, we will contact you to arrange a follow-up appointment if further action is needed.

Online doctors are a convenient way to request pathology at any time, from anywhere.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know

Can I obtain a referral for Pathology or Radiology?

You can obtain a referral for pathology or radiology (imaging) through our service if the doctor deems it appropriate. Your request form will be emailed to you following your appointment. You can take this referral form to your local imaging or pathology clinic. Once you have had the test(s) completed, please notify us via phone or email where you have had these tests completed so that we can follow this up to obtain your results. Once we receive your results, we will advise the referring doctor and if any further action is required, we will contact you to arrange.

Will I need blood tests before I can be approved for weight loss injections or medication?

Before prescribing any weight loss medication, your doctor will evaluate your medical history and may provide a referral for pathology tests to ensure your suitability for specific clinical treatments. You will be required to return for a follow up consultation to discuss your results. If approved, you will receive an eScript which you can take to any Australian pharmacy. Only medication that is TGA approved for weight loss will be prescribed.

Will there always be doctors available?

We have doctors available 24/7, 365 days a year. With doctors available for on demand and scheduled appointments from 8am to 6pm AEST, and for scheduled appointments at night, you are guaranteed a reliable, quality service. Doctor availability may vary, but appointments are usually available within an hour.

Can international tourists use this service?

International tourists can use our service as long as they are in Australia at the time of their appointment.

What next?

Come back to discuss your pathology test results

Once you have had your tests completed you will need to notify our patient care team, so we can obtain your results and advise the doctor. If any further action is required, we will contact you to arrange a follow up appointment.

Request a pathology referral from our team of doctors, available on-demand or by appointment, 24/7.

Always check with your doctor about any preparation that is needed before your tests. Any changes to your diet or medicines should only be made under your doctor’s instruction and supervision.

Easily and conveniently request pathology from wherever you are, at any time.