Our Prescription FAQs

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section answers most of the commonly asked questions. If your query is not listed please send us your enquiry and we will provide an answer for you.


1. What is QuickScript?

QuickScript is a convenient service that allows our patients to request a repeat prescription for a select range of medications they are currently taking by simply completing an online questionnaire. An Australian registered doctor will review your online assessment and determine your suitability for the requested medicine within 24 hours. The questionnaires will gather the same information a GP would normally ask you in a face-to-face consultation. Depending on your suitability, the doctor will either contact you for further information or where appropriate write a prescription as requested.

Quick Script provides an affordable and effective supplement to the traditional health care system.

2. Which delivery service should I select?

We have three options for delivery or your prescription or medication:

  1. We can send you an electronic prescription* to your mobile as an SMS;
  2. We can send a digital copy of a paper prescription to your preferred local pharmacy via fax and email for immediate collection of your medication; or
  3. Your prescription can be conveniently dispensed by one of our Australian pharmacy partners for express delivery, or

*Electronic prescriptions are available to all Medicare card holders and are a convenient alternative to a paper prescription, which is no longer required.  An SMS is sent directly to your mobile phone, which you take to your preferred pharmacy, and they dispense your medication by scanning the code within the SMS.

If you are a Medicare card holder, the most convenient method for prescription delivery is via electronic prescription. Please ensure the details you enter into our website match the details listed with Medicare.

Alternatively, you may choose to have your prescription sent to your preferred local pharmacy for immediate collection as soon as the doctor has approved your request. Your script will be sent via fax AND email.

We have approximately 3600 pharmacies available on our platform. If your preferred pharmacy is not on this list, you can request that they join our service by adding their details when you request your prescription. Our staff will contact the dispensary staff to facilitate their registration. Please note that this can only be done within our business hours.

If you are requiring your medication outside of our usual business hours, please choose an electronic prescription which can be taken to any pharmacy or choose a pharmacy that is already registered on our platform.

After you receive notification that your prescription has been approved it will either be sent immediately via SMS to your mobile phone or, if you have chosen to have your prescription sent to your local pharmacy, it will be sent via fax and email to the pharmacy.  Please call into your pharmacy and ask your pharmacist to check their emails and fax for your prescription. Please remind the dispensary staff that your prescription has been sent by email and fax. If they cannot find our email in their inbox, please ask them to check their junk mail folder. It is recommended that you call your pharmacy in advance to ensure they have received your prescription.

Mail me my medication – $9.95 – Express Post

If you choose to have your prescription dispensed by one of our partner pharmacies, you will not receive an electronic prescription.  You will be charged for the cost of the medication and a $9.95 postage fee. As your medicines have strict delivery guidelines, our partner pharmacies use Australia Post’s Express Post Next Day* receipted delivery service.

*Guaranteed next business day delivery of prescription and/or medicine(s) for appointments booked before 10 am AEST within the Express Post delivery network only, dispatch from Brisbane. The Express Post network covers 80% of Australian business addresses, private addresses and post office boxes. If you are in an address outside this network, it won’t be covered by Australia Post’s Next Day Guarantee.

If you complete your prescription request after 10 am AEST, our partner pharmacies will still do their best to dispatch your parcel that day and it should still get to you in 1-3 business days (depending on where you live in Australia). The delivery standards for Australia Post vary depending on your exact location. For delivery times between specific points, or to track your parcel online please check here

3. What are the benefits?

The ultimate benefit is the convenience to patients. QuickScript allows patients who are currently taking specific medication for an ongoing condition, to request a prescription without having to physically visit a GP clinic. QuickScript may also be a cheaper way to consult with a general practitioner.

The true cost of seeing a doctor is not just the money – the time taken to; make an appointment at a time that suits, arrange time off work, travel to the medical centre, wait in the waiting room and then go to the pharmacy, all adds up. Consider, as an alternative, the convenience of completing an online questionnaire in the comfort of your home or office and choosing to pick up your medication at your local pharmacy or have it posted directly to you. True saving.

4. Is QuickScript covered by Medicare?

No, the QuickScript doctors’ consultation fee is not covered by Medicare and is privately billed. However, most of the medications are subsidised under the PBS for Medicare card holders.

5. What does it cost?

We have two options:

If you choose to have your script as an electronic prescription or sent to your local pharmacy, our fees are:

Doctor consultation for your prescription – $15

You will pay for the cost of the medicine at your chosen pharmacy.

If you choose to purchase and have your medication mailed direct to you from one of our partner pharmacies, the fees are:

Doctor consultation for your prescription – $15

Cost of your medicine – varies depending on your medication – the cost will be clear on checkout.

Delivery – $9.95 Express Post Next Day delivery*.

*Guaranteed next business day delivery for orders placed before 10 am AEST within the  Express Post delivery network only, despatch from Brisbane.

6. What is the difference between Private and PBS price options?

PRIVATE Selecting the Private price allows you to choose to have multiple quantities of your prescription supplied up to a maximum of three (3) times. No repeats will be issued, and you will not receive Prescription Record Form stickers to count towards your Safety Net entitlement. Prescriptions not subsidised under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) will only be available at the Private price. Receipts are always issued to enable you to claim a rebate through your Private Health Fund (if applicable).

PBS (PHARMACEUTICAL BENEFITS SCHEME) By selecting this price option you will receive a PBS prescription with repeats at the doctor’s discretion. These prices are only available to customers with a current Medicare card for medication subsidised under the PBS. Prescription Record Form stickers will be supplied to enable you to count towards your Safety Net entitlement.

7. Do I get any repeats on my prescription?

Repeats are always in the discretion of the reviewing doctor. It is possible to request repeats using our service, however, Doctors on Demand has no influence over the approval of your prescription request, or the number of repeats issued. The reviewing doctor is given the discretion to act according to their professional judgement considering each patient’s best interests and the limitations of a non-face-to-face online consultation. If you would like to discuss your request for repeats, you can book a video consult appointment, “Talk to a Doctor Now”. We have a doctor available 24/7 for video consult appointments.

As above, if you select the private price option no repeats will be issued but you will be able to order multiple quantities to be dispensed at once up to a maximum of three (3) times. If you select the PBS price option, you may receive a PBS prescription with repeats at the doctor’s discretion.

If you receive an electronic prescription with repeats, a new SMS or email will be sent to you when you get your medicine from the pharmacy.

If you asked for your prescription to be sent to your preferred local pharmacy, the hardcopy will be kept on file for 2 years and the pharmacist will be able to dispense your repeats from the digital copy as per the legislation.

If you choose to have your medication dispensed and delivered to you, the repeats will be posted out to you by our pharmacy partner at no further charge when the hard copy prescription has been received from the doctor.  Alternatively, our partner pharmacy can dispense and deliver your repeats if requested.  They will contact you to arrange payment.

9. What medications can I order?

QuickScript and its partner pharmacies offers a select range of repeat medications for chronic conditions that may not require a face to face doctor’s consultation. You can search for your medication here. We aim to keep expanding the number of medicines we offer and the conditions we can treat. If you cannot find your regular medication, please book a video conference appointment with a doctor here to discuss your prescription needs with one of our doctors. 

10. Can I get Schedule 8 Controlled Drug (narcotic) medications through QuickScript?

No. Schedule 8 Controlled Drug medications and drugs of addiction will never be prescribed via QuickScript. It is inappropriate to prescribe any such medication in this manner due to the potential for addiction and misuse. Drugs of this nature will not be prescribed via our service, as we believe this medication should be carefully monitored by your regular healthcare provider. Please do not proceed to book a video consultation if you are seeking such medication as your consultation fee will not be refunded.

11. When can I order?

One of the major benefits of QuickScript is that you can access the service 24 hours a day 7 days a week at your own convenience. During our regular business hours, we aim to review all prescription requests within one (1) hour. However, our doctor may contact you for further information or clarification if they deem it necessary. Generally, you will receive a response within one (1) business day.

12. What type of payments are accepted and is it secure?

Doctors on Demand repeat prescription service is privately billed. We currently accept all major credit cards. We use PayWay as our payment gateway and do not store any credit card details on our site. For more information on PayWay please click here.

13. How is my personal and medical information kept safe?

Doctors on Demand takes its legal obligation to protect your personal and medical information very seriously and we have multiple security measures built into the website to achieve this. We will not share your personal information with any third party that is not involved in delivering our service without your explicit consent. Doctors on Demand does not store any medical information on this site and all the information you supply us with is legally protected under doctor-patient privilege. You can view our privacy policy here.

14. Can I return a medication I have received?

Unfortunately, our partner pharmacies cannot provide refunds on prescription medicines as the law prohibits their return once they have been dispensed. This is due to State Health regulations stipulating that general medicines and prescriptions, including any preparation that is taken orally cannot be returned or refunded. Once the product has left the pharmacy, the storage conditions of the product cannot be guaranteed, and it is possible the product could be tampered with. 

15. Does someone need to be at home to receive my order?

All medication orders must be signed for when delivered; however, Australia Post has the authority to leave it in a safe place without a signature. It is recommended to provide a work address for delivery if no one is home during business hours. Due to security issues. If nobody is available to receive the order and there is no safe area to leave it, Australia Post will leave a card for you which will provide details of how to arrange collection or delivery at a more convenient time.

16. Can my order be sent to a different address than my billing address?

Yes. An alternative delivery address can be provided when you order your medication. Please ensure that your delivery address is complete and accurate. If you have any special requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

17. Can I get a refund?

We value your health and our doctors carefully review your responses to our condition questionnaires. The reviewing doctor will make the final assessment on your suitability for the requested medication before your order is confirmed. Completing the questionnaire and checkout process does not guarantee you will receive the prescription or medicine. If the reviewing doctor thinks that you need a face to face consultation, you will receive a full refund and we will advise you to attend your local practice, or if suitable, book an online telehealth video conference appointment with a doctor here.

18. Can I request blood tests through QuickScript?

If you would like to request a blood test, a video conference appointment will be required. Book an appointment online here.

19. Are your doctors registered in Australia?

All doctors consulting for Doctors on Demand are registered in Australia and certified by Australian standards. All doctors are fully insured.

20. What security systems does QuickScript use?

All internet traffic on QuickScript use 256 bit SSL Certificates. 256 bit SSL Certificates are trusted by over 99.9% of current Internet users, Positive SSL is the solution for new websites or environments where trust has been established and entity verification (for identity assurance) is not needed.

Our SSL certificates are provided by Comodo. For more information click here.

21. Can I use QuickScript on my iPad, iPhone or mobile device?

Yes, our service can be used from most smartphones and tablets with an internet connection. Download the latest Doctors on Demand app for your device for free from the App Store or Google Play.

The following browsers are supported by OpenTok:

  • Google Chrome (latest release version)
  • Opera (latest release version)
We recommend you use one of the above browsers when using Doctors on Demand for optimal performance.
Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 and 11 is NOT supported.