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Medicated Weight Loss

Need assistance with weight loss? Our medicated weight loss program can help you lose 10-15% of your body weight in just one year.

✔ Access clinically approved weight loss treatments
✔ Recommended in conjunction with a weight loss plan (diet and exercise)

How It Works
Our Program
Your Journey

How Medicated Weight Loss Works

Our steps for lasting weight loss


Let's Get to Know You

We will ask about your history of weight loss, current waist measurement, weight in kilograms and BMI so your doctor can determine your suitability for our program.

Enter Your Video Consult

We have doctors available 24/7 via video, so you can select the right doctor to support you through your weight loss journey. Your doctor may ask you some extra questions or request blood tests to tailor your treatment.

Get Your Medication

At your doctor's discretion, you may be prescribed some weight loss supplements (normally in the form of pills/tablets) or weight loss injections to assist you in your weight loss journey

Follow Your Weight Loss Program

It's important we stay in touch with you to assess how you are responding to treatment and to monitor your progress via our weight loss dashboard. You may also be due for a repeat prescription with a weight loss appointment with your doctor.

Our Weight Loss Program

Medicated Weight Loss

Diet and exercise are just two elements of lasting weight loss.

Sometimes you need extra support with an experienced weight loss doctor dedicated to helping you reach a healthier ‘you’.

Doctors on Demand is here now with 24/7 scheduled telehealth appointments and medicated weight loss treatment plans tailored to your needs.

✔ Personalised weight loss treatment
✔ 24/7 video consults with your choice of doctor
✔ Private patient dashboard to track your weight loss progress
✔ Access to insightful weight loss resources and regular email updates

When you’re ready to take the first step in your weight loss journey, see a weight loss doctor online via video to get started. You don’t even have to leave the house.

Your Weight Loss Journey

What it's like on our medicated weight loss program

Your First Day

You'll meet with your doctor in a video consultation and discuss your weight loss goals. If you're approved for our program, you can start your weight loss treatment today. You may be asked to have a blood test before we can commence a tailored treatment for you. You can review your results and suitability with your doctor in a 10% off follow-up appointment.

Your First Month

You will have completed four weekly check-ins in your patient dashboard and may already notice a difference in how you feel. If you also purchased the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, you may have found some new tips and tricks to integrate into your healthier lifestyle.

Feeling Stronger

By now you have eight weeks under your belt and may be feeling stronger, slimmer and healthier. You are feeling great as you have found your best way to lose weight. You may notice a reduction in body fat and your weight loss tracker is nudging towards your goal!

Time for a Check-In

You may be running low on your medicated weight loss treatment. Book in for another video consult with your doctor to discuss your experience so far and request a repeat of your prescription. Keep going! We're right here with you.

Weight Loss FAQs

Your consulting doctor will assess your eligibility for a medicated weight loss program in your online video consultation. Your consulting doctor will consider your BMI and your overall health and whether you suffer from other health conditions. Patients are required to be 18 years or older for telehealth weight loss consultations. Our doctors are highly trained and experienced in providing weight loss advice and treatment.
For healthy, lasting weight loss it is essential to have a consult with a doctor to determine your suitability for weight loss injections or tablets.
Ozempic is a medication for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. Some medical practitioners also prescribe Ozempic as an off-label weight loss treatment. While Ozempic can be a successful weight loss treatment, it is not TGA-approved and therefore Doctors on Demand will not recommend this medication for weight loss. Our medicated weight loss program offers a range of TGA-approved medication for weight loss, which may be suitable for your needs.
Your doctor will evaluate your medical history and current weight and waist circumference to determine your suitability for our weight loss program. During your consult, you will discuss your weight loss goals and agree on a realistic and healthy target weight. Your doctor may wish to refer you for some investigative tests before prescribing medication. If you already have current test results, please have them ready to share with your doctor in the consultation. If approved for weight loss injections or tablets, you will receive an eScript which you can take to any Australian pharmacy.
Before prescribing any weight loss medication, your doctor will evaluate your medical history and may provide a referral for pathology tests to ensure your suitability for specific clinical treatments. You will be required to return for a follow up consultation to discuss your results. If approved, you will receive an eScript which you can take to any Australian pharmacy. Only medication that is TGA approved for weight loss will be prescribed.
If your doctor does not feel you are suitable for our medicated weight loss program, they may provide you with other treatment plans to support your weight loss, including lifestyle changes. We encourage you to take advantage of our partnership with the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet.
If you have had medical tests recently undertaken, we recommend that you have your test results available to provide to the consulting doctor during your consultation. Your results may assist your doctor in determining your suitability for our weight loss program. Your doctor may request you upload any current results after your video consult. Alternatively you can contact us to provide us with your results. Your doctor may alternatively issue a referral for further tests.
Our weight loss program assists patients to lose weight with medication and lifestyle adjustments. If you would like to investigate a surgical alternative, you can have a video consult to be referred to a bariatric specialist or visit your local GP to learn more.

A healthier 'you' is just around the corner

Same 'you', new lifestyle, with a little help from Doctors on Demand.

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