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Worried about your skin? If your acne is not improving with over-the-counter treatments, a doctor may help with suitable clinical treatments.


Asthma is a common chronic inflammatory disease of the airways that affects roughly 10% of the population. Don't delay with your treatment.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

Having urinary symptoms? If you are a male with an enlarged prostate gland, you may be suffering from BPH. Find out more here.


Making the right choice about your contraception is important and our doctors can help you find a method that suits you and your body.


COVID-19 will be part of our lives for some time to come. If you have concerns or questions, speak to the experts here.


Most women will experience cystitis at some stage. It is an extremely common bladder infection that occurs most frequently due to intestinal bacteria....


Symptoms of Diabetes include frequent urination, increased thirst, and increased hunger. Find out how we can help with your treatment.

Doctor-Assisted Weight Management

Assess your general health and identify contributing factors to your weight gain, including potential underlying conditions.

Erectile Dysfunction

While occasional erectile dysfunction is normal, ongoing erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of a serious physical illness. Concerned? Speak to a do...


Gout is a common form of arthritis which can be extremely painful if left untreated. Help is here.

Hayfever and Allergies

Are you suffering from a running nose, sneezing and itchy, watering eyes? You may have hay fever or an allergy. Treatment is available.

High Blood Pressure

Over time, if left untreated, high blood pressure can weaken your heart and cause a number of health problems such as heart failure and kidney disease...

High Cholesterol

If you have too much ‘bad’ cholesterol, it starts to build up in your arteries causing hardening of the arteries and may lead to serious problems,...


Oops! Urinary incontinence is the accidental, involuntary leakage of urine from the bladder. It can affect people of all ages. Help is available.


Suffering from a recurrent pain in the upper abdomen and feeling full earlier than expected when eating? Don't suffer in silence.

Male Hair Loss

Worried About Hair Loss? Male pattern baldness can start at any age and treatments are available.

Medicated Weight Loss

Medicated weight loss is a weight loss treatment with prescription medication in conjunction with diet and exercise.

Mental Health Care Plan Assessment

Discuss your options for mental health treatment. Medicare rebates apply.


There is no cure for migraine and prevention is difficult, but treatments can help reduce the number of attacks. Migraines can vary greatly so speak t...


Osteoporosis is a progressive bone disease. Risk of fractures can be reduced with lifestyle changes and possibly medication. Help is available.


Pain is the most common reason that people seek medical help. Speak to a doctor now to discuss your condition and the most appropriate treatment for y...
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