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Renew Prescription Medicine Online

One of the best things about seeing a doctor is knowing that they will be able to support you in feeling better, whether you have aches and pains or a stubborn flu. Not every diagnosis requires a corresponding prescription, but for those that do, it’s important that patients can fill that prescription with ease. Sometimes the initial fill is easy, but what if you need more of your medication later on? It can be a hassle to travel all the way back to the doctor’s office just for a quick visit. In some situations, you may not even be able to do that; for example, if your doctor retires or moves offices, getting back to them can be difficult. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just renew prescriptions online?

With Doctors on Demand’s service, you can do just that! We make it a quick, easy, and simple process to renew a prescription online. You can do it on your own time from the comfort of your computer chair!


Renewing your scripts online saves time and gives you peace of mind

Running out of medicine that supports you can be very stressful, especially if your schedule is very busy. Between work and all of the things you may have going on at home, finding the time to schedule an appointment can be a challenge. That’s not even mentioning the time you’ll spend travelling and sitting in a waiting room! With Doctors on Demand by Doctors on Demand, all of that nuisance can be quickly eliminated. Our process is simple and secure. Here’s how it breaks down.

When you want to renew a prescription online, visit our site to book a convenient video consultation with one of our experienced doctors.

Fast, easy, and secure, it’s the best way to get your medication

We can send you an electronic prescription* to your mobile as an SMS (if you have an IHI number) or send your scripts to your local pharmacy for a pickup within 1 hour. Whatever you choose, Doctors on Demand is simply the most convenient way to get your prescription medication renewed online. Leave the hassle behind and get the medicine you need. For questions or more information, please feel free to send us an enquiry via our contact page.