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Why Online Weight Loss Programs Just Feel…Better

Why online weight loss programs just feel…better

If you’re serious about overhauling your lifestyle, visiting a doctor (in person or virtually) is the best place to start. Whether you have a numerical goal in mind, or just want to feel better in your clothes, healthy weight loss is best achieved with support. A doctor can work with you to agree on a sustainable weight loss target and develop a lifestyle you’re excited and committed to lead.

What are the benefits of an online weight loss program?

Don’t have to leave home to start

What often keeps us from starting something new are physical roadblocks. The prospect of getting dressed, leaving home and travelling can tempt us to delay taking action for another day. But with Doctors on Demand, we recognise there’s no place like home. We’ve made healthcare accessible by being an entirely online service, so you don’t have to leave home to see a doctor. You can start your weight loss journey from wherever you are.

Care from wherever you are

We know health is personal and seeking support for weight loss can be quite a vulnerable experience. Our doctors are compassionate and committed to making you feel comfortable and empowered every step of the way. Your weight loss journey with Doctors on Demand is a seamless virtual experience, from your initial video consult to check-ins and prescription renewals. We even created a dynamic progress chart where you can track your results in real-time.


You don’t need to visit your local clinic to receive a weight loss plan. The benefit of our online weight loss program is respecting your privacy as a valued patient. You will interact with your doctor via video and if you have any questions or concerns, our Patient Concierge team is available via email or LiveChat. We understand you may not want to be part of a weight loss community and instead want your experience to be intimate and just for you.

Tailored just for you

You will work with your doctor in your initial video consult to find the right weight loss treatment for you. Your doctor will use a holistic approach to evaluate your medical history and lifestyle before guiding you to a healthy and sustainable goal. Your experience with your treatment will also be evaluated at regular intervals, with reminders to follow up with your doctor, so if something isn’t right, we’re on it. Want more support? We check-in with our weight loss patients regularly via email and have a range of online resources available.