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Doctors On Demand

Are you a Pharmacy?

With more than 200,000 patients, grow your dispensary business with Doctors on Demand.

Patients can access Australian Registered Doctors 24/7 and never miss a prescription.

Open when you are, and when your local GPs are closed.

What is Doctors on Demand and how can we help you?

Doctors on Demand is Australia’s #1 telehealth platform. We can help grow your pharmacy business with patient prescriptions from our 24/7 GP Video Consultation service.

Why Register with Doctors on Demand?

As the leading telehealth provider in Australia, we have more patients, more services and more doctors available 24/7

Capture the market

Retain new and repeat prescription fulfillment when a patient selects your pharmacy on our platform to collect their medication following a Doctors on Demand online GP video consultation.

Enhance medication adherence

The Doctors on Demand online doctor services are highly accessible, eliminating the gap between the customer running out of medication and when the prescription is filled.

Improve customer convenience

Get immediate prescription delivery with eScripts following a video consultation. Repeat prescription patient requests are reviewed by a Doctor within one-hour (business hours) or next business day (after hours).

Doctors on Demand Compliance Summary

Clinical Governance
Our prescribing doctors are Australian registered Medical Practitioners and are on the National Register of Practitioners maintained by AHPRA. It is the responsibility of the prescribing doctor to ensure they are providing treatment according to recognized therapeutic standards based on the information they have received from the patient. Our prescribing doctors can be contacted to confirm or query a prescription on 07 3638 9377.
Pharmacy Workflow
All prescriptions written through the Doctors on Demand portal are provided either:
  • Following a video consultation appointment where the prescribing doctor consults with the patient via video, akin to a face to face consultation or;
  • Following a thorough review by the prescribing doctor of a condition specific questionnaire completed by the patient
Prescription Management
Prescriptions written by the prescribing doctors are either:
  • Generated by medical practice software and sent as ePrescription to the patient; or
  • Handwritten and signed by the prescribing doctor; or
  • Generated by medical practice software, printed and signed by the prescribing doctor
Prescriptions are sent by the prescribing doctor as an ePrescription or via fax and/or email directly to the pharmacy.
Authority Prescriptions
Where appropriate, a PBS Authority prescription can be provided by the prescribing doctor (Authority Required and Authority Required (Streamlined)).

How Doctors on Demand supports community pharmacies

Doctors on Demand is making a difference to pharmacies around Australia. If your customers are in need of a prescription and cannot readily see a local doctor, Doctor on Demand are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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