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Smoking Cessation

What types of treatments are available for smoking cessation?

For people who want to quit smoking, treatment includes:

• Combination of behavioural support and TGA-approved pharmacotherapy – first-line therapy (options are medicines that have been shown to be effective and safe and are licensed for smoking cessation. In Australia, these medicines include Nicotine Replacement Therapy, varenicline and sustained-release preparations of bupropion hydrochloride.)*
• For people who have failed to achieve smoking cessation with first-line therapy, your doctor may recommend nicotine vaping products in conjunction with behavioural support.

To ensure you receive the right treatments and help on your smoking cessation journey, speak to a doctor.

*Reference: The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. Supporting smoking cessation: A guide for health professionals. 2nd edn.
East Melbourne, Vic: RACGP, 2019.