Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions about our telehealth platform.


What information do I need to provide for an online prescription?

When you sign up or login on our platform, you’ll need to enter or confirm your personal details so we know who you are, and the doctor knows your current medical history prior to your consult. You may also have to answer some specific questions related to the medication you’ve requested.

We need a healthcare identifier to enable creation of e-Scripts, so please provide either:

• a Medicare card number, if you’re an Australian citizen or permanent resident; or

• an Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI number) if you’re an overseas visitor, international student or temporary resident.

Health professionals use your IHI to make sure they are accessing the right record when uploading information so it’s a good idea to get one now, as you’ll likely need it again in the future. Not sure or need to check? Visit Services Australia.

You chose our online doctor service for convenience & efficiency, and we want you to get your medications as soon as possible; make sure you’re set up for eScripts prior to your consult!

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