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We have a better alternative – Introducing Doctors on Demand!

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19 we are more aware that going outside simply isn’t an option for many, so our purposebuilt telehealth platform allows you to consult a doctor at home. No searching high and low for an after hours appointment at a nearby doctors or looking for a home doctor service.

Looking for “After hours doctors open near me”?

Doctors on Demand is a 24/7 service, meaning our doctors are here whenever you need us unlike most doctors near you, that’s during business hours or after hours. So skip the queues at an after-hours doctor or local Emergency Ward. Now you can sit in bed and have a video consultation with one of our Australian Registered GPs. 

Looking for “Bulk billing after hours doctor”?

After hours telehealth consultations that are not related to COVID-19 are not currently covered by Medicare, however the industry is rapidly changing. While Doctors on Demand is currently not a bulk billing service, it does provide high quality online telehealth care that is more convenient and more accessible than bricks and mortar medical centres.

Ready to try our online alternative to your after hours Doctor!

Doctors on Demand provides after hours doctor appointments, after hours medical certificates and after hours prescriptions.

If you are feeling unwell or think you need to see a doctor when your regular GP is closed we can help!

After Hours GP Appointments 

The Doctors on Demand custom-built Online Doctor service allows patients to have a video consultation with a registered doctor on a secure platform, without sharing personal Skype IDs or doctor’s mobile phone numbers for a Facetime call. Whats more its available after hours 24/7.

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After hours online doctors

After Hours Prescriptions

Until now, if you needed a repeat prescription for pharmacy medication you needed a face-to-face appointment with your doctor during their clinic hours.  Our simple, affordable prescription service is accessible after hours and allows you to request a repeat prescription in minutes, using our online health questionnaire that relates to the medication you have requested. One of our registered Australian doctors will review your request overnight and your prescription will be electronically sent to your nominated local pharmacy for you to collect after 9am in the morning. Or choose to get your medication delivered to your door!

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After Hours Medical Certificate

There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night with a migraine or a virus and you know you are not going to make it to work in the morning.  Finding an afterhours doctor to treat you and arrange a medical certificate for work the next day is difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. Doctors on Demand have GPs available for consultations and after hours medical certificates every night of the week. 

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After hours online doctors

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