Why is sleep important for mental health?

Everyone is familiar with how good you feel after a great night’s sleep.

You stretch and get out of bed, and you’re full of strength and energy to start another full and rewarding day. The physical benefits are immediately obvious! But what about your mental and emotional state?

Many people don’t realise how getting enough quality sleep can be just as crucial for your mental health and wellbeing as it is for your body.1 Research has shown that there is a link between sleep and mental health.2 It’s why quality sleep is considered a significant contributor to maintaining good mental wellness, emotional stability and brain functionality.

How does sleep impact mental health?

Studies have shown that good quality sleep is essential in maintaining good mental health. Think back to times when you’ve awoken and felt well-rested. How much clearer was your mind, your emotions and your overall mood?

Although the relationship between sleep and mental health is not entirely understood, it’s generally accepted that a good night’s sleep can help your mental and emotional resilience.7 It’s believed that during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycle of sleep, your mind begins to dream, and it’s at this stage during the night that contributes to emotional health. Unfortunately, sleep disruptions can interrupt these cycles and impair your thinking and emotional regulation.8

Sleep doesn’t just ward off risks of mental illness; it also helps improve general cognitive functions as well. For example, throughout your day, your brain is taking in new information and responding to all kinds of stimuli. Then at night, sleep gives your mind the downtime to consolidate and process this information. It then commits it to memory so that it’s accessible in the future when required.9

To look after your mental health, you should ensure that getting restful slumber each night is a priority.

How a free sleep assessment can help you

Getting enough quality sleep every night can offer you a lot of positive benefits towards living a happy, fit and healthy life every day. This includes maintaining good mental wellbeing too.

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