How to Talk to a Psychologist Online

Unfortunately for some people, it may be difficult seeking help from a psychologist when they need it most. This could be attributed to various reasons including overcoming the lingering social stigma that surrounds seeking mental health support, living in remote or rural areas, having to take time out of a busy schedule or limited availability with local psychologists. Thankfully, telehealth has removed many of these barriers. Help is now as close as your phone or laptop providing convenient and quick access to treatment that might not be readily available otherwise.  

If you have found yourself like so many and suffering with your mental health lately, Doctors on Demand is proud to offer a professional and discrete mental health service. We have partnered with the wonderful people at Open Minds to provide a private, safe, and secure environment for online video consultations that gives you access to highly experienced and qualified psychologists.  An online consultation may also be a beneficial starting point for some patients who may not feel as though they are ready to speak to someone face-to-face.  
Your appointment may also be eligible for a Medicare rebate. Ask your GP for a referral and a mental health plan for a Psychologist. Reach out to speak with an experienced and qualified online psychologist today. And here is everything you need to know.  

So How do I go About Booking an Online Psychology Appointment?  

The process is very simple. All you need to do is: 

  1. Head to the Doctors on Demand online psychologist page 
  1.  Select your Medicare eligibility: a pop up will appear asking if you have a Medicare card or not.  
  1. Make your booking: A bookings page will appear with the available psychologists and their online appointment times. Our psychologists are available by appointment or “on request” and are available during business hours Monday-Friday. Simply choose an appointment time that suits you or request an appointment with your preferred psychologist.  
  1. Register or Login: to complete the booking process you will be prompted to register or login for any returning users. 
  1. Payment: you will then be directed to our payment portal to make a payment via credit card. All our psychology consultation fees vary depending on on the psychologist’s qualifications and the length of the appointment booked.  All applicable fees will be visible to you prior to confirming your appointment. 
  1. Medicare Eligibility: as mentioned previously, you may be eligible for a Medicare rebate if you have a Medicare card and have been referred by a general practitioner (GP) as part of a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan. If your psychologist appointment is Medicare-eligible, we will submit an online Medicare claim on your behalf after you have paid the full fee for the consultation.  Medicare will process the claim and pay any applicable rebate directly to your Medicare-registered bank account.  You will only be out of pocket for the gap fee. 

How do I Prepare for the Consultation with my Online Psychologist?  

Once the appointment has been processed and payed for you will receive an email from Doctors on Demand with confirmation of your online psychology consultation and a link to the ‘virtual waiting room’. It is recommended that you enter the waiting room 15 minutes prior on a phone or laptop device with access to a video camera and microphone. If you do not receive an email you can also login and access the waiting room by logging in and clicking the ‘profile’ option underneath the profile icon:  

Simply select the ‘appointments’ tab and this will display any upcoming appointments.  

It is recommended a ‘Precall Test’ is also performed on the supported platform of choice to ensure the bandwidth requirements are suitable and any potential issues are identified. The URL for this is: 

Connection issues can occur if the Browser cannot access the camera or microphone. When prompted on a Browser  allow access to camera and microphone, please ‘Allow’ when entering the consult waiting room. If you are using a personal computer, in addition to a good internet connection you will need access to a web camera and in some cases external speakers. 

Once you have entered the waiting room, the psychologist will call through and your appointment will commence from there! 

Still not sure? 

If you ever need assistance from one of our customer service team, we can be contacted anytime from Monday to Friday 8.30 am – 5.30 pm AEST. 

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