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What is Doctors on Demand and how can we help you?

Healthcare is changing – be part of a more convenient and accessible health service delivery model in primary care.

Telehealth is now part of the primary care ecosystem

The adoption of telehealth has surged due to COVID-19 to protect the health of both doctors and patients.  A survey conducted by the Consumer Health Forum found 80% of patients who were offered a telehealth option accepted, and 68% of those patients found it better or equivalent to an in-person consultation. Doctors on Demand provides a platform for you to practice medicine from the convenience of your home or clinic, when it suits you. You will be providing a valuable service to patients who are unable to see a local GP due to proximity, availability or limited clinic hours.


A newly created bonus offer for our doctors:

A $500 bonus payment will be made upon completion of 40 committed and scheduled rostered business hours.

Frequently asked questions about our platform

How will I get paid?

We have a range of options available for clinician remuneration. Depending on the hours you make yourself available for consultations on the Doctors on Demand platform, we will pay your fees on a monthly basis for hours worked or as a percentage of fees.

Doctors who choose to be available after hours are paid on a percentage of fees basis, and our business hours doctors (Monday-Sunday 8am – 6pm) will be paid an agreed hourly rate on a committed roster. Other Doctors are regularly invited to join the platform during busy times on a percentage of fees basis.

Am I an employee or subcontractor?

All or our doctors are engaged as subcontracted service providers. To deliver services on our Platform you will to:
a) have an ABN;
b) advise if you are registered for GST; and
c) be responsible for your own PAYG liability, workers compensation and superannuation.

Am I covered by my own PI Insurance?

The doctors who use our platform must have their own Professional Indemnity insurance. We have found that most PI insurers now cover telehealth as a standard inclusion. We advise that you should speak with your PI insurer to check if they include telehealth in their policy. We have noticed that most of our Doctors have Avant PI insurance (as it covers telehealth in Australia). Avant can be contacted on ph 1800 128 268.

Who is behind Doctors on Demand?

Doctors on Demand was established in 2015 by Pharmacists, John Neilson and John Martin, both of whom own medical centres and pharmacy businesses.

Doctors on Demand Pty Ltd is a standalone MedTech business that employs a small team of committed customer service and technology professionals led by CEO, Kirsty Garrett. We are grateful to have a team of over 100 doctors, many of whom have been with us for years, working collaboratively with us to deliver a high quality of primary care to patients across Australia.

Can I work when it suits me?

Doctors on Demand is available 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. We provide a 30/31 day roster with Doctors scheduled for availability around the clock. You let us know when you prefer to work and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements across our roster. Some of our doctors only want to be available overnight and work elsewhere during the days. Others like the 9am-2pm zone to fit family life in around their work. It is entirely up to you!

What do I need to get started?

We will need a Provider Number for you that is allocated to Doctors on Demand. You will need a good laptop with a camera and microphone. We provide everything else. We use Best Practice software for patient records which integrates directly with the Doctors on Demand web portal that you will access to see your bookings and conduct the video consultations. We will provide you with training and onboarding to get you ready and comfortable to start seeing our patients virtually. Oh and a good reliable WiFi connection is critical!

When can I get started?

We would love to get your started as soon as possible, but there are a few administrative matters that must be dealt with before you can make yourself available to see patients on our platform.  These include:

a) A check of your AHPRA registration – if you have an unconditional registration, we will approve you on our site.

b) Signing our standard contract. A draft will be provided for your review and approval.

c) Applying for a Provider Number for Doctors on Demand – we will provide the information you need.  You may be able to apply through your PRODA account.

d) Advise us of your HPI-I number (available through your AHRHA registration login).

e) Provide a copy of your Professional Indemnity insurance.

f) We will provide access to our instance of Best Practice – this will be provided once your contract has been signed.

g) Accessing our training video via your Doctors on Demand profile under the tab “Training Materials”.

h) Completing your profile on Doctors on Demand, including your qualifications, bio, photograph and electronic signature.

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