A secure telehealth platform designed for your workforce, for your brand.

Give your employees access to Australian registered clinicians, online 24/7.

The world of work has fundamentally changed!

67% of workers still feel uncomfortable returning to the workplace. Outbreak prevention, worker safety, and employees’ peace of mind are top concerns for businesses around the world as they begin to reopen their office doors. Creating an environment for highly productive employees, and keeping people engaged and focused has never been more challenging. (Source: Qualtrics, CB Insights)

How are you supporting the primary care and mental health needs of your workforce?

Doctors on Demand is an Australian healthcare technology platform for the provision of secure, private video consultations with qualified GPs, psychologists and other allied health practitioners, without leaving the workplace or home. Employees can seek professional clinical advice or treatment, request a medical certificate, repeat prescription or medications directly from their mobile phone, laptop or tablet. Virtual care services can be incorporated into corporate benefits and wellness programs and accessed via intranets or employee wellbeing and EAP websites.

Employees expect greater access to healthcare

Use of telemedicine is on the rise with 76%* of people now interested in using telehealth post-COVID.

Provide 24/7 online access to medical professionals

Access to clinicians when and where your employees need them. Minimise absenteeism for simple acute care or script renewal requirements.

Timely and Convenient appointments

Online bookings for up to 15-minute GP consultations on a 24/7 roster and 1 hour consults for mental health or allied health.

Our telehealth virtual care platform includes

  1. A ‘white-label’ company branded website or API integrated virtual care service for comprehensive employee wellness benefits
  2. Primary care platform for online doctors and repeat prescriptions accessible from anywhere, at any time
  3. Mental health, occupational rehabilitation, psychology, counselling and return to work services
  4. Partner with existing EAP providers for integrated online services with secure video consultations
  5. Secure Australian Cloud-based services – Listed on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Partner Testimonial

“We had the pleasure of working with the team at Doctors on Demand during the COVID situation. At the start of the pandemic, we reached out and as a UK company with a small workforce in Australia, we were unsure if we would find a company able to support us in what we required. The DoD team worked immediately to confirm our requirements and tailor a package to us so that we could provide a brilliant service to our employees in need of medical assistance. In addition, we were provided collateral which made it simplified and straight forward to inform the team on exactly how to access the service. The pace at which everything was set up was outstanding and there were absolutely no teething issues – despite me being in the UK! I can’t thank DoctorsOnDemand for everything they have done to help us in supporting our staff – I would highly recommend them to any organisation.”

Charlotte Howe, Allocate Software, UK

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