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There are so many ways to quit smoking.

And we can help.

More than three million Australians continue to use cigarettes today. Almost all of them know the dangers of smoking. Many of them have tried to quit.

We can help you on your journey to quit smoking for good.
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Doctors on Demand is an online virtual care service that provides patients with access to doctors via video appointments. We provide a convenient and secure service for you to see a doctor via video consultation at a time that suits you, from the comfort of your own home, or on the go with your mobile device. Our model gives GP’s a platform to deliver care in a more efficient and patient-centric way. It is the perfect solution for time-poor patients and those unable to readily access health services. We are a patient-driven service. As a patient, you are in control of the timing of your consultation. You simply need to register or log in and choose: “Speak to a Doctor” and you can book your appointment with one of our Medicare eligible doctors. There is no need for you to phone our reception to arrange your appointment – so you can arrange your appointment online whenever and wherever suits you.
The ultimate benefit is the convenience to you. Doctors on Demand provides patients with convenient access to doctors online. This is exceptionally useful for time poor patients who can now avoid driving, parking and sitting in a waiting room with sick people, and can be speaking with a doctor at a time that suits them. This is of particular benefit to rural patients or those where access to local General Practitioner’s is limited. Any prescriptions can be sent as an ePrescription via SMS to your mobile phone or delivered via fax and email to your local pharmacy for immediate collection of your medication or we offer an Express Post delivery service for home delivery through our Partner Pharmacy where your prescribed medication is sent directly to you.
Doctors on Demand can provide a bulk-billed telehealth consultation for nicotine and smoking cessation counselling. Please ensure you have your Medicare card details ready in order to be eligible for this. If you do not have a Medicare card, then private fees will apply.
Simply choose “Speak to a Doctor” on the homepage. You can choose to see a doctor “Now” i.e. no waiting or choose an appointment time that suits you. If you are a new patient, you will need to register on our platform. Registering is free and requires you to answer some general medical questions, just like any other medical centre. You will need to know your Medicare card details in order to be eligible for a bulk billed consultation. Enter the reason for your appointment, your preferred pharmacy and your payment details (if required), then sit back, relax and wait for your Doctor on Demand to join the session at the designated time. Doctors on Demand uses the OpenTok software platform for video conferencing. Doctors on Demand support the following web platforms only: Android: Chrome (83+) and Firefox (78+) iOS: Safari (12.1+) MacOS: Chrome (83+) and Safari (12.1+) Windows: Chrome (83+) and Firefox (78+) Doctors on Demand does not support any other browsers. Please download one of the browsers listed above prior to using our service. It is recommended a ‘Precall Test’ is also performed on the supported platform of choice to ensure the bandwidth requirements are suitable and any potential issues are identified. The URL for this is: https://tokbox.com/developer/tools/precall/results Connection issues can occur if the Browser cannot access the camera or microphone. When prompted on a Browser allow access to camera and microphone, please ‘Allow’ when entering the consult waiting room. If you are using a personal computer, in addition to good internet connection you will need access to a web camera and in some cases external speakers.
If you have a valid Medicare card, you can speak to one of our doctors at no cost to you, who can discuss your options to quit smoking, which may include prescribing nicotine e-cigarettes. The provision of a prescription is within the professional discretion of the consulting doctor.
The standard practice of our doctors for NRT is to prescribe low dose, closed pod nicotine vaping products as a second line treatment to quit smoking cigarettes. Our partner pharmacy has selected an established local supplier of nicotine e-cigarettes which are available to order online with a valid prescription. Prescriptions for personal importation of nicotine vaping products are not endorsed by our clinicians. Patients wishing to pursue a personal importation scheme will be considered on an individual basis and the availability of this depends on the scope of practice of the individual doctor conducting the appointment.