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About Cookies

What are cookies and how do they work?

Cookies are small pieces of data sent from a website and stored in your web browser while the user is browsing that website. Every time the user loads the website, the browser sends the cookie back to the server to notify the website of the user's previous activity.

Why are cookies used?

Cookies are an integral part of the internet and are a reliable mechanism for websites to recognise a particular user, thereby improving the user's experience. Cookies also allow websites to improve their service to you. Cookies cannot carry viruses, and cannot install malware on your computer.

Types of cookies

Strictly necessary and performance related cookies

These are cookies needed to provide the service you require and allow you to easily browse the website. In other words they may be cookies that;

  • Remember the contents of your shopping cart so that it's still there when you checkout.
  • Keep you logged in during your visit so that you don't need to login to each page you navigate to within the website.
  • Facilitate essential security functions that relate to data protection.
  • Improve loading time and navigation.
  • These types of cookies don't collect information about you that could be used for marketing purposes or remember where you have gone after you have left the website. Consent is not required to place these cookies.

Merely necessary and functional cookies

These are cookies that help improve the service that you require from the website. They allow a website to remember the choices that you make and are cookies that;

  • Perform analytical functions.
  • Form part of advertising services.
  • Remember a user and keep them logged in.
  • Store user preferences and settings, including marketing preferences.
  • Remember if you've filled in a survey, so you're not asked to do it again.
  • Remember if you've been to the site before. If you are a first-time user, you might see different content to a regular user.
  • Show you information that's relevant to products of ours that you have viewed.
  • Show 'related article' links that are relevant to the page you are viewing
  • Remember a location you've entered.

Targeting Cookies

These cookies share information about your browsing habits with third parties to help make advertising more relevant to you. Consent is required for these cookies.

The information collected by these cookies is not used for advertising purposes. Consent is required for these cookies.

Determining between First and Third party cookies

First party cookies are cookies that originate from or are sent to the website you are browsing.

They are for instance cookies that contain information about your preferences.

Third party cookies are cookies that originate from or are sent to a website that is not the site that you are browsing. Where a website you are browsing may be using third party advertising, the third party advertiser may use a cookie to track your browsing habits.

Managing your cookies

You can manage cookies in your internet browser settings. You may opt out of accepting cookies at any time.