6 Tips for Coping With Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or maintain an erection, and it can be caused by physical, medical and psychological factors causes. Since erectile dysfunction can take an emotional toll on you which can then worsen the condition, it’s essential for you to have mental coping strategies. This way, you can eliminate the psychological causes. So if you have erectile dysfunction, you’ll want to start by learning about some of the best coping strategies.

1. Communicate: be open and honest

Anger, frustration, sadness, and a lack of confidence are some of the psychological impacts of erectile dysfunction. You need to accept these feelings, but don’t shut down on your partner because of them. Open communication is vital for an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment, and it could allow your partner to better understand what you’re going through. You should also be open and communicative with your doctor.

So how do you communicate with your partner? Taking an open approach can help. Speak openly about sex and your relationship, and be committed to overcoming the initial embarrassment and and awkwardness so you can focus on addressing the problem together.

Start by letting your partner know about your erectile dysfunction, and be clear and truthful. If you don’t know how to explain the condition, ask your doctor for some literature that will explain it to your partner. Talk about treatment options and explore alternative ways to receive sexual pleasure. Once your partner has a clear understanding, keep your communication channel open, and consider counselling as a couple if necessary.

2. Avoid dwelling on the problem

Avoid dwelling on erectile dysfunction, as focusing your attention on it could increase the performance anxiety you might already have, and further cause erectile dysfunction. When you and your partner are intimate, stay focused on the present rather than dwelling on the erectile dysfunction.

Focus on the five senses rather than reliving past “failures,” and try goal-free sex rather than chasing the orgasm. This technique could help you mentally move past the erectile dysfunction, overcoming any anxiety in the process.

Also keep in mind that the muscles around your penis must relax to allow the blood to flow through the veins. If you’re relaxed, focused on the present, and not taking it too seriously, you’ll likely avoid tensing up too much when you’re intimate with your partner.

3. Take it slowly and be patient

As you’re receiving treatment for erectile dysfunction, stay patient and have realistic expectations. Keep in mind no one’s the same and different treatment options work for different people. You might need extra rounds of treatment, or it could work for you the first time.

4. Address stress and depression

Stress, depression, and other mental states can lead to erectile dysfunction or make it worse. Specifically, stress can reduce your sex drive, affect your mood, and see you tiring more quickly, and depression can lower your confidence and lead to a sense of helplessness. Explore ways to address these negative mental states, such as through massage, exercise, meditation, positive thinking and counselling.

5. Re-sensitise yourself to real sex

Excessive watching of porn could have a negative impact on how your brain processes sexual stimulation and desensitise you when it comes to real-life sex. Reduce your consumption of porn or eliminate it completely and you could successfully re-sensitise yourself to real sex and reduce your erectile dysfunction.

6. Talk to a therapist

Given psychological causes can contribute to erectile dysfunction, it could be beneficial to get professional help through a therapist. If you’ve tried to manage your stress, anxiety, or other psychological condition without success, you might want to consult a mental health professional. Seeing a therapist with your partner could also be helpful, as they could assist you with things like guided meditations, sex therapy, and treatments for performance anxiety.

Talk to someone

Psychological factors like stress can lead to a cycle of performance anxiety, so your coping strategies should include mental coping mechanisms. Open communication with your partner and doctor is a great starting point, while avoiding dwelling on it can also help. By being patient and addressing things like stress and depression, you could address your erectile dysfunction.

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