Our Medical Certificate FAQs

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section answers most of the commonly asked questions. If your query is not listed please send us your enquiry and we will provide an answer for you.


1. What is Doctors on Demand?

Doctors on Demand is an online service that provides patients with access to doctors via video conference appointments. We provide a convenient and secure system for you to see a doctor via video consultation at a time that suits you, from the comfort of your own home, or on the go with your mobile device. Our model gives GP’s a platform to deliver care in a more efficient and patient-centric way. It is the perfect solution for time-poor patients and those unable to readily access regular health services for urgent but non-emergency conditions for adults and children. Because we are an online service, our doctors provide consultations via video consultation, so a home visit is not necessary.

We are a patient-driven service. As a patient, you are in control of the timing of your consultation. You simply need to log onto our website or app and choose: “I want to see a doctor” and you can book your appointment immediately or in advance. There is no need for you to phone our reception to arrange your appointment – so you can arrange your appointment online whenever and wherever suits you.

2. What are the benefits?

The ultimate benefit is the convenience to patients. Doctors on Demand provides patients with immediate access to doctors online. This is exceptionally useful for time poor patients or when a doctor is needed outside of regular clinic hours. Patients can avoid driving, parking and sitting in a waiting room with other sick people, and can be speaking with a doctor within minutes. This is of particular benefit to rural patients or those where access to local General Practitioner’s is limited.

Any prescriptions written can be delivered via fax and email to your local pharmacy for immediate collection of your medication or we offer an Express Post delivery service for home delivery of your medication.


3. Is my consultation covered by Medicare?

Medicare telehealth items are no longer available due to eligibility changes for telehealth providers announced by the Commonwealth Government from 20 July 2020 .  Bulk billed services are also not available though this service.

4. Can I use this service if I am overseas?

No. Due to medico-legal reasons we are unable to offer Doctors on Demand video consultations to patients outside Australia.

5. Can international tourists use this service?

Yes they can as long as they are in Australia at the time of their consultation.

6. How do I book?

Simply go to our website app and choose “I want to see a Doctor” on our homepage. You can choose to see a doctor “Now” i.e. no waiting or choose an appointment time that suits you. You can read each doctor’s bio and rating. If you are a new patient, you will need to register on our platform. Registering is free and requires you to answer some general medical questions, just like any other medical centre. Enter the reason for your appointment, your preferred pharmacy and your payment details, then sit back, relax and wait for your Doctor on Demand to join the session.

Doctors on Demand uses the OpenTok software platform for video conferencing.  Doctors on Demand support the following web platforms only:

Android: Chrome (83+) and Firefox (78+)

iOS: Safari (12.1+)

MacOS: Chrome (83+) and Safari (12.1+)

Windows: Chrome (83+) and Firefox (78+)

Doctors on Demand does not support any other browsers.  Please download one of the browsers listed above prior to using our service.

It is recommended a ‘Precall Test’ is also performed on the supported platform of choice to ensure the bandwidth requirements are suitable and any potential issues are identified. The URL for this is: https://tokbox.com/developer/tools/precall/results

Connection issues can occur if the Browser cannot access the camera or microphone. When prompted on a Browser  allow access to camera and microphone, please ‘Allow’ when entering the consult waiting room.

If you are using a mobile device with iOS or Android, you can download the Doctors on Demand app from the App store or Google Play for FREE.

If you are using a personal computer, in addition to good internet connection you will need access to a web camera and in some cases external speakers.

7. When can I book my video consultation?

Doctors on Demand is available 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. Between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. (all time zones) you can book an appointment on demand, that is, no waiting. Outside of these hours (from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m.) you can book an appointment in advance at a time that is convenient to you.

8. What if my video consultation drops out?

There are several reasons why your video consultation may not connect or connects and then drops out. Poor internet connection can cause drop outs. Our minimum requirement is 3G capability, however, if the service drops below that then the video consultation may be lost.

If your connection with the doctor is lost:

  • The doctor will attempt to reconnect to the video consultation – you will be asked to re-join the session; OR
  • The doctor will attempt to call you on the mobile number you have provided in your Doctors on Demand profile – please ensure that your phone number is correct. The doctor’s call will be from a “no caller ID” number. Please be available to answer the call. In most instances, the consultation can be conducted via telephone, but if not appropriate, the doctor may request you re-book another appointment.
  • If the doctor is unable to contact you, he may cancel your appointment and ask you to re-book another appointment.

9. How much will it cost and how do I pay?

Doctors on Demand GP video conference consultations are private fee services. Medicare rebates are no longer available (after 20 July 2020).

If you have a Redemption Voucher Code provided by your Insurer or Employer, simply select Redeem a Benefit to access your services for reduced or no fees.

Choose a Business hours appointment for $60 (up to 15 minutes).

After hours appointments are $90 (up to 15 minutes)  seven days a week.

Our business hours for the purposes of consultation fees are: Mon-Sun 8am-6pm (all time zones)

If you need assistance from one of our customer service team, we can be contacted anytime from Mon-Fri 8.30 am – 5.30 pm AEST.

After you have registered and selected your preferred doctor you will be asked to provide credit card payment details to confirm and pay for your appointment.

If you choose to have any prescription sent to our partner pharmacy for dispensing, you will be charged separately by the pharmacy for the cost of the medication and a $9.95 postage fee. As your medicines have strict delivery guidelines, we use Australia Post’s Express Post Next Day* receipted delivery service.

*Guaranteed next business day delivery of prescription and/or medicine(s) for appointments booked before 10 am AEST within the Express Post delivery network only, with dispatch from Brisbane. The Express Post network covers 80% of Australian business addresses, private addresses and post office boxes. If you are in an address outside this network it won’t be covered by our Next Day Guarantee.

If you do not complete your consultation before 10am AEST we will still do our best to dispatch your parcel that day and it should still get to you in 1-3 business days (depending on where you live in Australia). The delivery standards for Australia Post varies depending on your exact location. For delivery times between specific points, or to track your parcel online please check here.

10. What if the doctor is running late? What if I need a longer appointment?

It is extremely rare for our doctors to be late. If the doctor is temporarily unavailable for any reason, they will let you know how long they will be. You can then choose to wait or cancel the appointment and book another appointment. Your consultation does not start until both parties have joined the session.

If you need more time with the doctor, the doctor will suggest booking a follow up appointment.

11. What if I no longer need the appointment? Can I get a refund?

Video Consultations are paid for at the time of booking and are not eligible for a refund if you change your mind. If the doctor feels that your appointment is not suitable for a video conference, then at their discretion they can cancel the appointment and you will not be charged.

Research shows that 70% of GP presentations can be handled via telehealth*. However, video consultation appointments are not suitable for all conditions. For emergencies and serious medical conditions, your local hospital or GP are better suited to care for your needs. If you are seeking a prescription for a Schedule 8 controlled drug or any drug of addiction, please do not proceed with a video consultation as our doctors will not prescribe these restricted medications and a refund will not be issued for patients booking appointments for this reason.

*American Medical Association and Wellness Council of America


12. Can I get prescription medication through Doctors on Demand Video Consultations?

Yes, in fact most consultations will be for patients needing a prescription. We suggest you have any regular medications you are taking with you to show the doctor during your video consultation. If the doctor provides a prescription, you can choose your delivery method, either via: 

  1. Electronic prescription sent to your mobile as an SMS;  
  2. Digital copy of a paper prescription sent via fax and email to your local pharmacy; or 
  3. For non-urgent conditions or if more convenient, you can have the prescription dispensed by a pharmacy partner and posted out to you. 

In some instances, the doctor may only prescribe a short course of medication and suggest that you see your regular doctor for review. This is entirely at the doctor’s discretion. 

13. Can I get Schedule 8 Controlled Drug (narcotic) medications through Doctors on Demand?

14. Can I get a medical certificate through Doctors on Demand?

Absolutely. If the consulting doctor thinks a medical certificate is required, they can issue one. Your medical certificate will be emailed to you following your video consultation. If your employer requires the original document, we can post it to you, on request.

15. Can I get a workers compensation medical certificate through Doctors on Demand?

No. Unfortunately due to medico-legal reasons we cannot offer this service and you will need to arrange a face to face appointment.

16. Can I obtain a referral for Imaging or Pathology?

Yes you can obtain a referral for imaging or pathology through our service if the doctors deems it appropriate. Your request form will be emailed to you following your consultation.  You can take this form to your local imaging or pathology clinic.  Once you have had the test/s completed, please notify us via phone or email where you have had these tests completed so that we can follow this up to obtain your results.  Once we receive your results, we will advise the referring doctor and if any further action is required, we will contact you to arrange.

17. Can my doctor write a referral to see a specialist?

Yes. This will be at the discretion of the doctor you see. Referrals will be emailed to you following your consultation.


18. Do I have the choice of a female or male doctor?

Yes. You can request a female or male doctor. (Please note this request is subject to availability and is not guaranteed).

19. Are your doctors registered in Australia?

All doctors consulting for Doctors on Demand are registered in Australia and certified by Australian standards. All doctors are fully insured.

20. Will there always be doctors available?

We have a doctor available 24 x 7, 365 days a year. Our aim is to have a doctor available on demand at during the hours of 8 am to 6 pm AEST and by appointment after that. The availability of doctors may vary, but appointments are usually available within an hour.


21. Can I use Doctors on Demand on my iPad or iPhone?

Yes, our service can be used from most smartphones and tablets.

22. What security does Doctors on Demand use?

Doctors on Demand has recently undertaken a significant cyber security project to strengthen its internal and external security protocols. All internet traffic on the Doctors on Demand website is secured using Lets-Encrypt 256 bit SSL certificates and hosted in Microsoft Azure’s Australian secure cloud.

23. What happens to my Medical Records?

Doctors on Demand does not store any medical information on this site. Your medical records are recorded and kept by your consulting doctor. Our Board members have run Medical Centres for more than 16 years and apply the same principles of privacy for our patients to Doctors on Demand.