New Website to Revolutionise Patient-Doctor Relationship

Thursday, 28 May 2015

The way in which patients book appointments with their doctor is set to change forever with the launch of a new business that makes video consultations with a GP a reality.

Doctors on Demand ( provides patients with a simple platform that gives them greater access to doctors and GP services online.

The website is the latest addition to Australia’s growing tele-health revolution that is transforming the way patients will interact with their doctor and order prescriptions.

The website allows patients to:

  • Book and conduct a video-conference tele-health appointment with a GP from the comfort of their home; and
  • Request a repeat prescription for an ongoing condition by completing an online questionnaire. The medication is then either delivered to their home or it can be picked up from their local pharmacy.

The website has been under development for more than two years and is underpinned by an established network of doctors, GP clinics and pharmacies. It is the first time in Australia these services have been offered on a single platform.

Doctors on Demand Director John Martin said technology was rapidly changing the way patients interact with their doctor.

“Technology is having a massive impact on the way the medical profession treats patients as well as the way they interact and communicate,” he said.

“The increasing use of the internet and the greater speeds expected over coming years as a result of the NBN, is changing the traditional doctor/patient relationship to one where the patient is becoming more like a consumer and convenience matters.”

“The Doctors on Demand platform is all about using technology to allow patients greater freedom to choose how they wish to see their doctor and save time, energy and money in ordering recurring prescriptions.”

Mr Martin said the medical profession will not be immune to the forces that were disrupting a host of other industries and Doctors on Demand gives the medical profession the tools to meet the market’s expectations, as well as provide a platform enabling all GP’s to compete against the disruptors.

“Consumers are accustomed to undertaking more and more activities in an online environment; a simple visit to a doctor or getting a script filled should be no different,” he said.

The Doctors on Demand platform works cooperatively with all doctors and pharmacists to ensure clients’ demands for convenience and safety are the main priority.

By not seeking to fragment the medical profession and steer patients into only selected GP networks, Doctors on Demand believes it will enhance the integrity of individual GPs and their practices and ensure patients have choice.

“Ensuring patients can choose their own doctor and their own local pharmacy is a key priority for us and will ultimately deliver better outcomes for all stakeholders,” Mr Martin said.

The traditional GP clinic business model currently does not utilise new technologies very well, and Mr Martin said that if practices failed to adapt to changing patient expectations and embrace platforms such as Doctors on Demand, then they would ultimately lose out to practices that do.

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