Five Benefits of an Online Psychology Service

An online psychologist can be the perfect starting point when trying to overcome mental health struggles. However in many towns and cities in Australia, demand for face to face consultations has increased dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic and patients are waiting weeks, and in some cases, months to access the help they need right now.  

Many people have benefited from seeing a psychologist online, whether it be if you are living with anxiety, depression or going through a tough life challenge. Our online psychology service mimics in-person therapy very closely. The only difference is that it takes place via video and can be done anywhere with internet, a camera, and some privacy. Seeing a psychologist online also has some serious perks.

1. Time Efficient and No Waiting Lists 

From the online booking to the actual appointment, the convenience provided by an online psychologist service applies to every stage of the process. You can choose your preferred appointment time from a list of available times and make your booking with the click of a button. As for waiting times, there is no public waiting room! With an online service, you will be connected to your psychologist at your preferred appointment time. 

2. Discrete and Confidential 

An online psychologist service lets you consult with a psychologist from the privacy of your own home. You will have no risk of bumping into someone you know at your psychologist’s office. Once you are connected with your psychologist via video, it’s as if you’re sitting in the consulting room, and you’ll enjoy the same level of privacy without having to travel physically to your psychologist’s consult rooms. 

Video chat with an online psychologist

3. Accessibility for People with Physical Limitations 

Smartphones, tablets and computers are increasingly expanding the availability of health services for everyone. This means we can access help anonymously at a time and place that suits us. 

Online psychology services provide accessibility to individuals who are disabled or housebound. Mobility can be an issue when it comes to accessing mental health care. Individuals who are unable to leave their home for various reasons, such as physical or mental illness, may find the online psychologist appointment a useful alternative to traditional psychotherapy settings. 

4. Great Option for Regional Communities

Online psychology appointments offer access to mental health information and treatment to people in rural or remote areas. Those who live in these areas simply might not have access to any other form of mental health treatment because there are limited or no mental health clinics in their local area. 

Driving long distances and taking significant time out of a busy schedule to seek support can be a burden on many Australians in need of help. If you have reliable internet access, online appointments give you relatively quick and easy access to treatment that might not have been readily available to you otherwise. 

5. Access Effective Therapies with Qualified Professionals 

Some studies have found online psychology to be as effective in reducing symptoms as therapy delivered face-to-face. This evidence is strongest in relation to depression, stress and anxiety. Research suggests that online video conferencing with a psychologist, can result in client satisfaction with both the therapy and the quality of their relationship with the therapist that is similar to levels of satisfaction with face-to-face therapy. 

One meta-analysis of data from 3,876 adults found those who underwent internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy to treat symptoms of depression had better outcomes than those who didn’t use online therapies. They were also more likely to stick to their treatment. 

Get Started

So, if you’ve been struggling with mental health lately and are thinking about seeking support, you don’t need to wait weeks for an appointment. See an online psychologist this week and make a start to create the wellbeing you deserve.  

If you would like more information on how to get started and book an online psychologist read our blog post here. Otherwise book an online psychologist appointment now to select a time and a psychologist that suits you.  

Medicare Rebates apply for eligible Medicare card holders with a GP referral and a Mental Health Plan. Up to twenty sessions are now available under Medicare with an eligible GP referral.


Video chat with an online psychologist

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