Doctors on Demand set to deliver Australia’s first 24-hour video consultation and prescription service

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

An Australian technology company is set to revolutionise the local healthcare industry with the launch on December 1 of the country’s first 24-hour video-consulting service for General Practitioners (GPs).

With just a few clicks patients will be able to use Doctors on Demand to talk to a GP via their computer, phone or tablet as well as receiving a prescription which can be sent to any pharmacy for collection.

After more than 12 months of trialing and testing, Doctors on Demand will launch the country’s first 24-hour video-consulting service on December 1 with a team of experienced GPs.

The service will be available online at or via apps downloadable in both Apple and Android versions.

Research1 shows about 60% of GP consults can be handled via telehealth, provided the industry’s clinical protocols are adhered to while 73%2 of Australians say they want to interact with their health service via digital technologies.

Doctors on Demand’s platform is the only technology that allows any Australian doctor to sign-up and offer patients video consultations. If a patients’ doctor is not signed up they can utilise another Australian registered GP until their regular GP signs up to the service.

Doctors on Demand Co-Founder John Martin said the massive uptake of mobile technologies and increasingly faster internet speeds provided a major opportunity for the healthcare industry to diversify their service offering.

“Our unique software combines video-conference telehealth appointments and the ability to request a repeat prescription for a long term condition, from the comfort of their home,” he said.

“Our aim is to improve access to healthcare for all Australians, which will have benefits for rural and indigenous health, hospitals and out-patients and the primary health network around Australia.”

Doctors on Demand recently signed a major agreement with Allianz Global Assistance (AGA), which will see the company’s web and app platform made available to AGA’s nominated business partners nationally.

While research showed that most GP consults can be handled over telehealth platforms, Mr Martin said face-to-face delivery would remain the ‘Gold Standard’ in medicine.

“Our primary goal is to make it easier for patients to interact with their doctor or health professional where face-to-face consultation is unnecessary or impractical,” Mr Martin said.

“Technology is having a massive impact on the way the medical profession treats people as well as the way they interact and communicate with nearly three out of every four people happy o use digital technologies to help manage their health.”

“The increasing use of the internet and the greater speeds expected over coming years as a result of the NBN is changing the traditional doctor/patient relationship to one where the patient is becoming more like a consumer and convenience matters.”

“The Doctors on Demand platform is all about using technology to allow patients greater freedom to choose how they wish to see their doctor and save time in ordering recurring prescriptions.”

Mr Martin said the medical profession, like a host of other industries, was not immune to the forces of change, and Doctors on Demand delivers an immediate eHealth solution available to all healthcare providers so that they can compete on a level playing field.

“Consumers are accustomed to undertaking more and more activities in an online environment; a simple visit to a doctor or getting a script filled should be no different,” said Mr Martin.

The Doctors on Demand platform works cooperatively with all doctors and pharmacists to ensure patients’ safety is the main priority.

1. Allianz Global Assistance

2. Tim Kelsey, Australian Digital Health Agency, Webcast, 14 Nov 16

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