Doctor waiting rooms, a thing of the past!

What is an online doctor?

Thanks to the introduction of telehealth services in Australia several years ago, the dreaded doctor’s surgery waiting room is a thing of the past. Telehealth gives patients real-time access to Australian registered doctors through online videoconferencing technology, even for the most remote areas of Australia. Creating accessible healthcare, known as online doctors, through the push of a button.

How do online doctors work?

When you’re sick the thought of getting out of bed and waiting in a room full of other sick people is something most people would prefer to avoid, especially for a simple piece of paper to verify that you are not well enough to go to work. Through the Doctors on Demand telehealth service, a patient can book a doctors appointment using our website or app and speak to a real live doctor through a video call. Through the online service patients can also get online prescriptions and online medical certificates. It’s quite simple, after discussing their condition with the doctor, the patient receives their medical certificate through email to be sent to their employer or university. Although pharmacists can issue medical certificates for a small range of conditions, there is a limitation on what they can issue a certificate for. And in many cases, an employer won’t accept a medical certificate issued by a pharmacist.

Keep Doctors on Demand in mind!

So the next time you’re unwell remember Doctors on Demand have GPs available 24 hours a day 7 days a week including public holidays. As well as online doctors appointments our other services include online prescriptions, online medical certificates or online appointments with a psychologist or dietician.

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