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Get a Medical Certificate Online in Australia

If there’s one thing about life that we become more aware of as we grow older, it is how often out of our control life can become. Our physical health is a perfect example of something that can go wrong at a moment's notice, and we're left with a hoard of responsibilities that still need to be taken care of no matter how sick we may be. For this reason, Doctors on Demand was created. Our doctor can treat you in your own time, from your own home, online in Australia.

How We Work

The ultimate benefit that Doctors on Demand offers is convenience to patients. We can set you up with a specialist for a face-to-face appointment in your area, or you can consult with one of our experts online through video conference. Our doctors use two main skills when treating a patient: looking and listening. Video conferencing can never fully replace the extensiveness of a face-to-face consultation, but it can be an acceptable substitute without compromising the safety of the patient. You can get an online medical certificate and an online doctor prescription from our highly trained and experienced doctors. If determined after the online consultation, that a doctor prescription is needed, we will send it to your pharmacist or have it delivered to your home. Our aim is to take the frustration out of getting sick and make recovery a stress free process.

Offering a Doctor Prescription Online Through Doctors on Demand and an Online Medical Certificate in Australia

At Doctors on Demand, we’re dedicated to getting you better as soon as possible, and so we offer an online doctor prescription through Doctors on Demand. By simply completing an online questionnaire, your suitability for a requested medicine can be determined within 24 hours. Medications can be sent to your individual pharmacist, or dispensed by our Australian pharmacy partner for next day delivery.

At Doctors on Demand, our goal is to get your life moving forward again, with as few financial and time-oriented concerns as possible. If you’re concerned about missing work, we offer a professional service designed to get you a medical certificate for sick leave. All you need is a computer, mobile phone, or tablet with a good Wi-Fi connection to enjoy our services here in Australia. You can converse with the doctor from the comfort of your own bedroom or home office, avoid a waiting room crowded full of people, and save time and money by seeing a doctor at a time that suits you best. Our doctors are highly trained and can offer valuable, informed advice along with a doctor prescription and a medical certificate.

Registration is easy and just like completing a new client form at the doctor's office. Once registered, you can book a time that works best for you and your busy schedule. We understand how it feels to have countless responsibilities and for an illness to interfere with meeting them. Register with us today and take the first step in making your medical needs more manageable than they ever have been before.