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Need an Australian Doctor? Online Appointments Available Now!

Do you work a night shift and have a hard time getting a doctor’s appointment at a reasonable time that works for you? We have online doctor’s appointments in Australia for any time of the day or night!

We are Doctors on Demand. We’re a group of 100 qualified doctors available online for patients in Australia. Our doctors are qualified to give patients sick leave certificates for the appropriate ailments, prescribe many common medications, and diagnose a wide range of non-emergency health conditions to give you relief faster.

Why Choose to Use Online Doctors in Australia

It can be difficult to find convenient appointment times with your preferred doctor’s office, whether you work regular business hours or you work a night or swing shift, typically sleeping during the day. However, you shouldn’t have to disrupt your work/sleep schedules to find a qualified doctor. With our online doctor’s appointments, Australians can find doctors at times that works with their schedules.

Alternatively, patients who live in rural areas far away from health care providers can simply register with us and have immediate access to real doctors from the convenience of home. No driving miles and miles, no waiting, and no hassle. Just high-quality health care from home.

Even if your doctor’s office is located near your home with reasonable hours, there’s nowhere more convenient than your home or office. Using an online doctor in Australia can get you an appointment with a General Practitioner via Telehealth Video-Conference Appointments from anywhere you have a tablet, computer, or smart phone. Unlike many in clinic doctor’s offices, we allow cancelations free of charge for up to 10 minutes prior to your appointment so that your appointment is always convenient for you.

About Doctors on Demand

Finding Australian online doctors has never been easier. Just register with us for free and you’ll have access to 100 Australian doctors online or in our clinics. Many suburbs around Australia have access to face to face appointments with our general practitioners in our clinics. If a clinic isn’t available near you, we offer our online doctor appointments to all Australia via a video conference.

There is no need to worry about the security of your video conference. Our management team has nearly sixteen years of working in the medical industry. For your security and peace of mind, we do not store your medical information on our site. All medical charts and information are stored by the doctor you work with so that you can be sure it’s safe. Additionally, all video conferences use the trusted 256 bit SSL Certificate to keep information from being shared or hacked. When working with us, your medical information is as safe as it is when using an in clinic doctor.

If you’ve been looking for fast, easily accessible, and secure doctor’s appointments online in Australia, consider registering with Doctors on Demand for free to see our available appointment times and find a clinic near you. If you have further questions about using Doctors on Demand, please see our FAQ page or call us on 07 3638 9377 to book an appointment today.